Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesdays Food Diary

Another day on track and feeling great. It was a very long day and I was glad I was prepared and had good foods around me as today would have been a typical day for me to go off plan should I have needed to hit the shop for anything. Stress is definitely a trigger for me so the working week needs to be planned out.

I started out the day with my morning porridge  and muller greek yoghurt, thought this morning I went for strawberry flavour. I also had a cup of tea with a splash of milk. There was not enough skimmed milk in the tea to count it, if I ever have more than one cup of tea for the day I would count it. This was followed by my mid morning banana.

Lunch was not very intersting - the same as yesterday. This time I had a little bit of a bigger portion as I knew I was working late so this was 5pp instead of yesterday days 4. Also have the add the bit of philli to make it creamy. This was followed by an orange.

I started to get a little peckish at about 5pm and I still had a few hours to go in work. I had preempted this and had stopped in M&S on my way to work to grab a fruit salad which I completely forgot to take a picture of! 

Working late tonight meant I needed something quick and easy to make when I got home. I have been craving gnocchi for a while but its not something my boyfriend has had before so I wanted to make a good recipe to introduce it to him. This was a winner - taken from one of the old weight watcher magazines - gnocchi puttanesca bake for 13pp. Took just over 20 mins to get in on the table, and 15 mins of those were in the oven. Perfect for an easy midweek! 


My treat for today will be a purple snack, I love these and they are great value for 3pp. The chocolate is so think they def taste like they should be more. Total for the day - 27pp. 

Exercise wise today was a rest day. My walk to and from work clocked me up 50 minutes of walking, but I was in work too late to catch and class so I will be back for bootcamp tomorrow. Need a little stress release so its perfect for that! 

I'm loving this new way of tracking though I am aware that this may be a bit boring to post like this long term. Though I think after this week I may continue to do one day food diary per week and try to mix it up which days so its not too repetitive. 

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