Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday's Food Diary

Today was another stressful day. I got up and went to work early and when I got there our email was down which meant I couldn't do the work I went in early for. I was playing catch up for most of the day and really wanted to finish close enough to on time so I could make my boxercise. I ran out the door without grabbing my lunch which set me back a bit but I got through the day just about.

The morning started a little earlier with the usual porridge and yoghurt combo with a cup of tea. It really cheered me up which in turn depressed me a little that I got excited about something so simple.

After my mid morning banana (no picture today but you know what they look like) I had to go out to get lunch. I had to keep in mind that I was heading straight for boxercise or bootcamp after work so it needed to keep me going and its tough to do that while staying on track. I headed for my failsafe M&S as I know they have healthy options that are easy to propoint. After much deliberation I went for the Count on Us Chicken Pasta salad, but I wanted a few more veggies with it, so I got a side salad with avocado and just had it without the dressing. I was hugely disappointed with the salad as the avocado wasn't ripe enough and only a couple of pieces were edible. I counted it as 2pp but I may have over estimated. My lunch was higher than usual at 11pp but it just goes to show how important planning is. 

While I was out I popped into the newsagent to grab this weeks RTE guide which has some WW recipes in it and of course grabbed a fizzy drink. I try to limit myself to having these only at the weekend, but it was a bad day and my cravings gave in. I wouldn't have even been tempted if I had my lunch in work like usual and didn't have to go out. I also grabbed a fruit salad from M&S, wasn't in the mood for another orange and since pineapple and mango are my favourites, I got the tropical fruit sticks. Unlike the avocado it was perfectly ripe and totally delicious.

I managed to get out of work just in time to make the 6:30 boxercise class and it was great. I can feel the classes getting easier each one and the punching bag work in this one is definitely a stress reliever. I was wrecked after so a quick and tasty dinner is just what I needed. I made the salmon from this months weight watchers mag. There are great recipes this month and this week so far I've made 2 of them and will be having a third tomorrow night. I almost never make that many this quickly. The salmon was marinated in sweet chilli, soy and sesame oil and it was served with wilted greens with sesame seeds. The recipe is 10pp per serving but I had mine for 4pp worth of rice as I was extra hungry after the workout. This is a great recipe and went down a treat with my boyfriend too. 

Even though I was already over my daily propoints I still needed a treat so decided to dip a little into my weeklies. I usually try not to midweek, but I have nothing major on this weekend and I have done plenty of exercise this week so I don't feel bad about it. Tonight I had 2 mini eggs leftover from an easter egg I had. They were 2pp each so I ended up using 5 weekly propoints. In the grand scheme of things not too bad. Had I remembered my real lunch I wouldn't have had to use any but that's the way things go. 

Even though its technically been a short week with the bank holiday - it feels like its gone on forever. I will be glad when the weekend finally gets here. 

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  1. I am so happy for you! Yes, you deserve a chocolate egg, or two. Way to go!