Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Maintaining Balance

I've been a gold member now for nearly 3 months and it has not been easy. The first few weeks were great and then I started to go up a little, still within my 5lbs of goal, but hovering dangerously close to the top end. I kept making excuses for it.... I had things on, I needed to be able to relax a bit, work was stressful. I recognised the pattern and so a few weeks ago I decided to change it before things got out of control. I still couldn't get back down I was planning and tracking
and doing loads of exercise and it would again be up and down. I even tried tracking on here - out in the open for everyone to see and that week I gained again. The only thing I could put it down to was the change in exercise. I could see my body changing but the results just weren't showing. I would have been ok with it had I not been half a pound away from goal with a wedding to go to which I knew would be a disaster. I tried my hardest to stay on track for the wedding but it just didn't happen and when I gained the half pound last week I was 6lbs above goal!! I knew it was coming but I was so distraught.

I have found it so difficult to get my head around maintaining and I just don't know where I am at week to week. I went to weigh in this week very apprehensive. I knew I had been on track all week but I am no longer confident with anything. It felt awful handing over that 10 euro. I can happily say I lost 2lbs which brings me back within my safe zone but not by much.  I know the changes I have made in terms of exercise are the right ones for long term success and it may just take a while for my body to fully adjust to it. My plan is to stay on track and hopefully those 4lbs will be gone again.

Can you believe the June bank holiday is upon us already?? Bank Holidays always pose a challenge, being out of routine makes it difficult to stay on track. There is also temptation everywhere with social events and drinking. Good weather can mean more walking, but it can also add the temptation of ice cream in the park, a beer out in the sun, BBQ's and cocktails. Planning as best you can is key to this. Allow yourself a bank holiday treat but make sure to save your weeklies for it and try to resist other temptations. 

My planned treat is afternoon tea in The Westin hotel. We have been meaning to try this for ages and I could not be more excited. It will be well worth all my weeklies. I also have monday's mini marathon to look forward to. I have been doing this every year since 2005, the only years I missed were when I wasn't in the country. I have not always been able to run this, in fact more often than not I have been one of the walkers. I ran half last year and this year my plan is to try and run it all. It's tough to get a good time in it because of the crowds of people there, but they really do add to the atmosphere and make it a fantastic day. It's looking like we are going to get good weather for it, so for anyone else joining me on the day remember your sun screen and to stay hydrated. I feel fitter than ever so I am hoping that it will go well. Once its over I need a new run to look forward to! Suggestions welcome!

Have a great Bank Holiday everyone!!!

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