Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday's Food Diary

Today started out off plan - I had a terrible nights sleep last night and I did not have the energy to go for my planned run this morning despite being out of bed pretty early. So I was determined to be good food wise, and that did start well with some delicious fruit.

A few hours later was time for real breakfast, scrambled eggs with mushrooms, a piece of toast and some tea. Great sunday morning breakfast. I used a teaspoon of real butter in the eggs and the whole thing was 8pp. 

After this it was late enough and I had just enough time to head out to my parents house and take the dogs for a quick walk before heading out for a late lunch with my dad. We decided on sushi in a new place in Dun Laoghaire Michi Sushi. There is one of these in Ranelagh which me and Conor get quite regularly and we have yet to be disappointed so I was looking forward to a healthy and tasty lunch. I did have a small piece of dark chocolate - 2pp worth - before the walk which I don't have a photo of. 

Green tea is one of those things that I can only drink so often - and today was one of those days. Wasn't too strong and it was lovely while waiting for our food. 

We went for the soft shell crab roll, fire dragon roll and a selection of sashimi. The salmon sashimi was definitely the best on the table. The sushi was disappointing though, the pieces were too big and they were difficult to eat, we made quite a mess. There was also a little too much rice to fish and the avocado wasn't quite ripe enough (not having good luck with avacado) and I didn't eat too much of the sushi, I think I only had one full piece of each and then ate the fish from 2 other pieces. I was a little disappointed as the Ranelagh branch is so brilliant, but it was a sunday afternoon so I would def give it another chance. I hadn't eaten much so we ordered a couple of hot starters to share which I didn't take a photo of, we got some deep fried prawns and some vegetable dumplings. At this point I had 19pp left for the day and I would say that I used between 20pp and 25pp for the lunch. I wasn't planning any more food and since I had 35 weeklies left I was happy enough at counting it at 25pp to be sure. 

This would have been a perfect Sunday if I left it at that - but of course I didn't. I got home and had a sudden urge for peanut butter. Before I knew it I was eating a piece of toast with 2tsp of peanut butter and jam. I do not know what I was thinking. Then Conor arrived home with his dinner - an indian takeaway, chicken korma with rice and naan. Again for some unknown reason I put a desert spoon of rice, 2 pieces of chicken and a bit of naan into a bowl - I wasn't hungry, I didn't need it but I ate it, and a couple of pieces of poppadom on top of it. I am now sitting here feeling a little sick and wondering why I did it. I don't think the little splurge was quite the 30pp I had left of my weeklies but they are being written off anyway.

I feel a little stupid as I really can't explain why I ate what I ate but over all for the week I am feeling great. I have been on track every other day. I found out today that the mince I used for the lasagne is actually lower propoints than I thought, so my dinner was actually 3pp less. Also despite my lazy weekend, I have done a lot of exercise this week and do plan on heading to combat aerobics tomorrow night too. I have meals planned out for the rest of the week and I know one little blip like that is not going to ruin all my great word for the week. These things happen and it could have been a lot worse. 

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