Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Not again...

I knew this week was going to be a tough one, I saw the bumps in the road. I thought that I could plan my way around them and stay on a flat and steady track all week. I made the mistake of expecting too much of myself and then when I hit that bump, I hit it hard and flew into the air - and it took me a long time to come back to earth. 

My bump in the road was a wedding on saturday and I had a plan of not eating everything in sight, and counting the drinks I had, and getting back on track with a breakfast of fruit and yoghurt the next morning...well that plan spectacularly failed.
There was a sweet theme at the wedding and lots of sugar around, ontop of that I ate all courses of the dinner and had plenty of wine. Since I had eaten so much food, I drank waaaayyyy more than planned moving onto jagerbombs and double vodkas. The next morning I could not resist the sausages and eggs at the buffet and some coco pops (one of my weaknesses).

I wish I could say things ended there, but I never found my way back to the road again. We were away all weekend and so I did not have a chance to plan this week or do food shopping so I kept eating whatever I could find. 

I was dreading weigh in last night, but I knew I had to face it. I was already 4.5lbs above goal and I knew that this weeks WI would bring me above that magic 5lb limit. I also knew that if I didn't go and face it, it would be twice as hard to get back on track. I would not have been surprised to see a gain of anything up to 7lbs, so I gratefully accepted my 1.5lb gain. I think the fact last week was such a surprising gain last week really helped. So I am officially to far over my goal and will have to pay again next week. I am more than determined to get that pound back down again so next week will be the only week I have to pay. The weigh in has most definitely snapped me back into reality and I have my week planned and today went according to plan. 

Will finally be posting another recipe tomorrow. I know its been a while but I made the most delicious chilli tonight that I have to share it! 

On a positive note - last time I was at a wedding I was at my heaviest and was so disgusted with all the photos it is one of the reasons I rejoined the following january. This time

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