This is me as a chubby little baby. I was fairly adorable and I 'm pretty sure its quite normal to be chubby as a baby

I was a pretty healthy child, always outside cycling or running about!

This is me at about 14, 3 years before I joined WW for the first time. And I'd been steadily gaining weight for about 3 years

I was 18 here and had been following weight watchers for about 5 months, I had lost some weight but I was still carrying a lot around my middle! 
My 21st birthday, after following WW on and off for about 4 years, I look at this photo and think I was so thin, but at the time I really couldn't see it! Hindsight is wonderful!

I yo-yo'd over the following years going from about 12 stone....

...right down to my lightest ever at 10st1lb when I was 24.
This was me about a year after that last photo on the first stop of my travels, I think I was around 11 stone here.

It was a different story when I came home and was tipping the scales at the 14stone mark! 

Things weren't much better a year later, it was around this time I knew something had to be done! 

Just over a year later here I am at goal, enjoying one of the best days being pampered for my WW photo shoot!
And to show I am keeping it off, here is me at the end of July, the most recent photo I have!

To see some photos of me progressing throughout my year on WW, you can find them here!


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  2. Hi love to get your bulgar wheat salad recipe l see u listed for idea how to use it. Former gold member now 10yrs later after baby, broken pelvis now got over 80 lbs to get back to goal. Love your still fighting the good fight and keeping on top has all to easy to put it all back on. Down 10.5 to date