Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Food Diary

Today has been a lazier day than I anticipated. I think the week has caught up on me and I needed to rest. I had planned an exercise rest day but I was meant to get a lot of cleaning done, but I kept putting it off until it was too late. I usually hate when I waste a whole day but I did get grocery shopping and my weeks plan made.

I have been loving this blogging every day. It takes some commitment and time but it's been great. Today was a real challenge as weekends are usually where tracking slips a little. And today started that way, I woke up early despite planning on having a sleep in and got up and while hardly thinking I had 3pp worth of chocolate and a cup of tea with skimmed milk. Healthiest breakfast ever!! I didn't take a photo of this but I did remember to track it.

After being very lazy for an hour or two, I almost jumped at the chance to drive Conor to work. I wanted some fresh fruit and he works just beside a tesco express. While I was in tesco I had a sudden craving for cereal and they had lovely little 22g boxes or rice krispies. So my real breakfast when I got home was this with 1pp worth of skimmed milk and a banana. Went down an absolute treat.

After this I spent some more time lazing around catching up on grey's anatomy before making a quick meal plan for the week to go and do some grocery shopping. Conor complained that we spend too much money of vegetables - I told him that the more fresh food in the trolley the better! I had a high propoint dinner planned so lunch was the fresh fruit I had been craving earlier, blueberries and strawberries with a lemon muller light greek yoghurt. I usually find the lemon a bit too tart and actually bought them by mistake - but it was lovely with the fruit. 

I eventually mustered up the energy to get some cleaning and laundry done and before dinner I needed a bit of a pick me. Peanut butter is one of those danger foods that I am afraid to have in the house. This particular brand from lidl is 1pp for 1tsp, and 2pp for 2tsps. I would often have a tsp of this and not count it but today, while I had 2 full tsps, they were tracked straight away. 

Lasagne has always been my speciality, and I have nearly always used skimmed milk in my white sauce, low fat cheese and extra lean mince - since starting weight watchers I have replaced the butter with low fat spread, used less of the low fat cheese, less lasagne sheets and used sweetener instead of sugar in my tomato sauce. Tonight I wanted to go back to my real recipe, but I wanted to count it. So I spent a good but of time breaking down the recipe and to my surprise it came out as 15pp per portion - I know that is high, but since I used 200g of low fat cheese, 75g of real butter and 12 lasagne sheets I was very surprised. The portions were huge too - I could have easily cut the lasagne into 9 portions for 10pp per portion instead  (I may make the left overs smaller). I double checked this on the recipe builder on my fitness pal and based on the nutritional info I was right at 15pp. I put a huge amount of veg into my mince sauce when making a lasagne, so between this and the salad I served it with I would say there is well more than my 5 a day in the serving. Anyway it was a perfect saturday night dinner! (I can't make the lasagne photo show the right way no matter what, sorry)

I still wanted something a little sweet, so dessert was a tesco lighter choices chocolate mousse frozen so it lasted longer. I have the apartment to myself tonight - I need an easy night. Next weekend we are heading to a wedding and I foresee another busy week so I want as much rest as possible. I plan to watch an absolutely rubbish movie with a purple snack and a pack of 1pp cola bottles. Only 4 more of my weekly propoints used today, so heading into sunday will have 35 weeklies left. This is an absolutely exceptional week I have had, but I plan on using a few more tomorrow as I am meeting my dad for lunch as my mum and sister have gone away on holidays and left him on his own. I will be going for a job tomorrow and aiming for 6kms and the plan after lunch is to take the dogs for a walk with dad. Will be a bit more active than I was today anyway!! 

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