Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday's Food Diary

The last day of the week is finally here and I am feeling good about my week. Although my day started with a little bit of a porridge disaster - it exploded all over the microwave in work. It didn't look too pretty so there is no photo of it today. I did try a new yoghurt flavour which is now rivalling coconut as my favourite - the honey peach. It goes perfectly with the porridge.

I was out of the office for the morning so didn't have my mid morning banana and I was pretty hungry by the time lunch came around. Tuna salad with a bread roll and a bag of snax. I was more than stuffed afterwards and ready to face another busy afternoon!

It was one of those afternoons that flew by and did not feel like I got anything done, despite the fact I was non stop the whole time. By the time 5:30pm came around I needed something to clear my head and combat aerobics was on the agenda. I really felt the lazy weekend at it and it was tougher than I was expecting. I also need a new pair of runners badly and my feet were really hurting throughout. I perservered and made it through the class. If I have time on my lunch I am heading to a sports shop for some runners!! 

After combar aerobic I came home and made a quick beef stirfry - I like to mix in the rice and some egg at the end which makes it extra indulgent! There is a recipe for this here, but I tend to mix up the quantities when I make it. Tonight I had less beef and rice and used loads of fresh veg so it came in at 10pp. 

Still had a few propoints left over so I had a 2 finger orange kit kat! I love orange chocolate - I would love nothing more than to raid the rest of the miltipack - but I am maintaining my will power and not eating any more!

Weigh in tomorrow and I will see the results of my tracking challenge week. I have had weeks where I have tracked perfectly before - but never so publicly. Taking photos of your food makes you think twice before you eat it! Give it a go and see what happens! 

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  1. Glad to see that you are keeping up with Weight Watchers and the plan. I like your evening meal x