Tuesday, August 19, 2014

6 Months Ago...

I hope I can....

Back in February I made a decision to get back into running. I signed up to a training program to finally achieve one of my most elusive goals....the sub 60 minute 10k. Somewhere around that same time I said to someone, maybe I'll do a half marathon. Now I have said things like this before and in pretty similar circumstances, usually right after getting out and doing one or two consecutive runs in the hopes of making it a regular thing. When I uttered those words, I meant them at the time but instantly regretted saying it out loud and was sure it would never happen. A couple of days passed, and it was different, I kept thinking about it. Not only did I keep thinking about it, I actually googled half marathons in Ireland to actually see if there was one I would like to do.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Indulgent Seafood Pasta

I stayed with my mum last Sunday while my dad was away, and since she is following slimming world we needed something that worked for both plans, but felt like a treat for a girls night in. Lucky for me my mother was footing the bill and came home with the most delicious array of seafood imaginable. There was salmon, monkfish, crayfish, mussels and a scallop. I think pasta, seafood, garlic and cream go perfectly together, but it usually makes a healthy seafood dish into a calorie laden guilt fest! So we tweaked it a little and made it fit with our healthy lifestyle.