Saturday, July 25, 2015

One Week to My Holidays!

I've been a bit lax about my blogging lately, I haven't really had too much to talk about. Life has been happening faster than I'd like to think and July is nearly over. I have been on plan for most of July with a few little breaks. Last week was my birthday and even though I had planned a day off, I ended up taking 2 days off and eating a little more than planned. The week before I was in Leeds and while I didn't go crazy, I didn't track and definitely went over my propoints. The important thing though is that I didn't let weekends run into weeks. I was back on track as soon as Monday came. Busy weekends left no time for grocery shopping, and I didn't let the fact I was unorgnaised run me off track.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stuffed Mini Peppers!

A couple of weeks ago Tesco had mini sweet peppers on special and so I decided to buy them and try something new. These were so good they will be making a regular appearance in this house as long as these peppers are in season. They were perfect on the side with a nice summery dinner but would equally be brilliant as a starter or finger food when entertaining, or part of a summer BBQ buffet. I'ts only 4pp for the whole recipe, and it can serve 2-4 as a side for dinner, or more as part of a bigger spread.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Clontarf Half Marathon

I didn't hide the fact I didn't feel prepared for the half marathon last Saturday. I didn't feel confident with any of the running I had done and with the way the weather had been going I just new it was going to be tough. However I woke up on Saturday feeling alright. I knew I wasn't going to get a personal best, but I thought 'whats the worst that can happen' and allowed myself to get caught up in the atmosphere.