Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday's Food Diary

This is day one of my online week of tracking! I have tried to take pictures of all my meals and snacks to keep it a bit interesting.

My day started with my usual weekday breakfast - 30g porridge oats made up with water and then a muller light coconut greek yoghurt stirred through. I try to alternate the flavour of yoghurt I use but coconut is def my favourite and just what I needed to cheer me up in work this morning.

Next up was my mid morning banana -  I can't seem to function without a banana in the morning. The porridge and the banana kept me going until lunch time which is great for 5pp all in all. 

Lunch time came and it was leftovers, 4pp worth of the hairy dieters spicy bean and vegetable stew with 1pp worth of philidelphia stirred through. After I had a little treat and had 2 fingers of a kit kat for 3pp. 

Afternoon snacks were an orange and some blueberries. I adore blueberries - one of my favourite fruits. So delicious when they are just ripe enough. 

I couldn't make my weigh in this evening as I had to work late. I decided to take advantage and hit a Zumba class after work. It was my first time doing Zumba in a class, i had only tried it on the wii. It was fine and I definitely sweated my way through it but I didn't feel as good as I do after a bootcamp, boxercise or even just a run. So I am not upset that I miss Zumbas in favour of weight watchers most tuesdays. I am glad I got the hour in as I am working even later tomorrow and want to go see Iron Man. 

After Zumba it was late enough and I was starving. So on the menu was pork steaks and roasted vegetables from this months weight watcher magazine. For anyone who has the magazine this is a great quick and easy low point dinner. We roasted our own veg instead of buying a packet so it would have only been 8pp for dinner, but the pork steaks I got were slightly heavier than the recipe called for so it brought me up to 10pp. 

I still have a few pp left so will be having a purple snack. Its more chocolate than I would usually have in a day with the kit kat earlier but every now and then its not the worst thing. 

Feel pretty good and in control today. Will be back for more tomorrow!!


  1. Looks yummy! Is that only 24 ppts though? That's very low?

    1. You are right. I forgot to mention that while I saved propoints roasting my own veggies I had to add 2pp as the pork steak I had was bigger than the recipe in the magazine. Brought me up to 26pp. I am trying to lose a couple of pounds to get me back to my goal weight before i lose the run of things and so eating between 26pp and 29pp per day (maintenance is 29pp for me)