Monday, January 21, 2019

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In

I'm going to keep this post brief as I am working on a longer post dedicated to some goals for 2019. I am firmly back in the swing of things and managed to lose 3lbs of my Christmas gain. It may have gone on quite quickly but I know it will be slower to come off and I'm ok with that. I would rather lose it again gradually than try to rush it for no real reason. I feel like I am back into a real routine and that's how I work best. When I am enjoying the food I'm eating and not overthinking everything. 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Hello 2019

I'm a little late with my first post of the year. It has been a crazy few weeks since my last post and I just have not had the time for this. I finished up at my last weigh in losing half a pound, not quite hitting my Christmas goal but feeling pretty good about things. My last weigh in was the Thursday and in that weekend before Christmas I managed to have one full day on plan, one mindful day and one blowout. And then it all went out the window Christmas and my holiday. I came back and had a week where I was all over the place, but despite the temptation to skip it, I brave the scales at my studio/workshop and accepted my gain. I could feel the gain in my clothes and I knew I was up a substantial amount. Had I managed to get myself organised when I got back from my holidays I could have probably done a fair amount of damage control but I didn't and so I was not surprised when the scales said I was up 8.5lbs! Its a lot to gain in 3 weeks, but I don't regret one second of it as it was the best Christmas I've ever had.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Last Meal Plan & Weigh In of 2018!!

I know I say this a lot, but I can't believe how fast time is going by. It really felt like yesterday I was gearing up for 10 weigh ins until Christmas and here I am with just one more left. Last week was the week I was most worried about. I had 2 full days off plan and I wasn't sure how it was going to go but I managed to still lose 2lbs this week. My plan for the hungover roast chicken after my christmas party went down a treat and it really helped me get myself back on track straight away (something I have always struggled with after a night out). 

It brings my total loss of my Christmas to 7.5lbs so far with one more weigh in to go. I'd love to say I am confident that I will lose the last 2.5lbs to meet my Christmas goal on Thursday but to be honest I will feel lucky to maintain this week. I had a planned day off on Friday which alone would have been fine, but I went a bit overboard on Saturday. I had hoped to be able to stay on track for the day but I was a little hungover when I woke up and I didn't have a real plan in place for the day. I was also heading to a housewarming in my parents house and I just couldn't help myself with all the lovely nibbles and finger food they had...and the cheeseboard we tucked into at the end of the night. 

I am also finding the temptation to give into 'Christmas Eating' so hard at the moment. I know I will be fine between now and Thursday when my weigh in is, but I really want to be able to keep tracking all the way up to Christmas Eve. Best intentions, but I am worried that once that final weigh in is done all hell will break loose. I need to take the pressure off myself, otherwise I am likely to end up in an all out binge if I do crack. So for now my focus is on getting to Thursday and then after that I will reassess and see how I can cope with this weekend. 

Monday, December 10, 2018

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: December Week 2

So I knew last week that I wasn't going to get a loss, but luckily I managed to pull it back after the weekend enough to lose half a pound. So I think I can safely kiss goodbye to my goal of losing 10lbs by Christmas. I'm 5.5lbs down so far and there are only 2 weigh ins to go. But whether I make the goal or not the scales are going in the right direction.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: December Week 1

December is on us and we are down to 3 weigh in's until Christmas. Despite my hopes, I was up 1lb this week. I am not surprised as my one day off plan was really OTT and I did go over my SmartPoints the following day too. On top of that I was definitely retaining some water this week and to be honest looking at previous weeks where I am retaining water, 1lb up is a good result. 

Monday, November 26, 2018

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: November Week 5

And just like that are into the last week of November. I have 16 more working days until I finish up for Christmas (and 15 portions of soup in the freezer to keep me going for lunches). This weekend is when the real silly season starts for me and we have a busy one planned. We are heading to see the light show straight after work on Friday night, so that will either mean a takeaway when we get home or grabbing food out. Saturday we are heading to the dogs and for pizza for my sisters birthday and Sunday we are having a couple of friends up for Sunday lunch. This weekend I hope to make good choices during the day on Friday and keep as many of my dailies for that evening as I can. If I can manage to keep to my dailies that day I will be doing well. Saturday we will have a lot of stuff to get done during the day so I won't have time for lots of treats or eating, I can't go too mad with drinks on Saturday as I have to cook for friends on Sunday. And finally since I am in charge of the menu for Sunday I know I can stick to my dailies that day. 

Monday, November 19, 2018

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: November Week 4

Was down half a pound this week so the scales are still moving the right direction. There have been times where I would have been disappointed with a loss like that, no matter what I told myself I would always expect more after a good week on plan. However the older I get the more I appreciate how valuable each and every half pound loss actually is. 

I had set myself a goal of losing 10lbs by Christmas and this weeks half pound loss means I have 6 more lbs to go and only 5 weigh ins. I am remaining optimistic but also slightly terrified of what December will bring. I already have something on each weekend from now until Christmas week, and while I know I can manage one night off plan and be relatively ok, its the weeks that have multiple events going on that worry me. Also our last weigh in before Christmas is the 20th of December and my focus this year will be sticking to the plan right up to Christmas Eve, and doing my best to control myself on Stephens day before we head off on our holidays. I always have this plan, and I always fail miserably. It seems that as soon as I walk out of that last weigh in my Christmas Eating/Drinking starts.

I'll be keeping track of my losses on my little Christmas tree. Each week I'll add a new bauble and the star represents the total loss so far. I like to have visual queues to keep me going, There is something very satisfying about keeping a regular check like this in a visual way. 

The weeks are getting busier and being organised is going to be crucial, so meal plans are extra important now. I found it really difficult to pick dinners this week and need some new options to add into the mix. I am considering getting a pressure cooker sometime soon and hoping to be able to try some new recipes with that. I'm running low on soup in the freezer and so I'll be doing my best to stock up this weekend. With some many treats around the office having healthy and filling lunches ready to go is the only chance I have to stick to my plan.