Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weigh In 8

So no big celebrations this week, I STS. But I am staying upbeat and positive about it. I have not gained any weight so the stone I lost still stands. I know I stuck to my propoints so I am hoping the loss will show another week. And I'm due my TOTM some time over the next week or so, and it was the same deal last time I got a STS on the scales.

Now I am not making excuses to allow for this sort of thing all the time, just being
realistic about it. No matter what I do, sometimes you just can't lose every week. The key for me is to stick with it and don't get disheartened. I'm counting every single thing that goes into my mouth and I have the runamuck challenge this week so really looking forward to kicking my exercise up a notch!

I am really missing my computer. I have so many recipes and photos to post but I am awful at this on my phone (the little keyboard does not like me). So will be inundated with new posts as soon as that new charger comes :-)

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