Friday, February 10, 2012

Challenges for this week

This week is going to be tough, after a 5lbs loss in one week I can't expect huge results on Tuesday, but I would like to lose something be it half a pound! Its going to be a tough weekend so I'm setting out here how I plan to get through it and stay within my pro points.

Tomorrow night myself and my boyfriend got tweetseats for Skinflint, which basically means that we both get a free pizza. Now usually pizza its through the roof points wise, but I have been told the bases in this place are super thin and judging by their menu - the toppings are not the usual. The menu is here and I think the Eithne (butternut squash, rosemary capers ricotta and espelette) is gonna be my best option. Going to try and eat as few pp during the day so I dont have to use to many weeklies tomorrow night. Fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, soup and salad for lunch and lots and lots of water. 

Saturday is rugby day (night) which means a night in the pub and a night out after. So I am going to drink a bit but I am going to try and alternate one alcoholic drink to one water and see how I get on! I have never successfully managed to keep this up all night so we'll se how it goes!

And finally Sunday - going to my boyfriends familys house, not even sure if its lunch or dinner or if there will be food - but in general I find Sunday's very hard anyway. I tend to graze throughout the day and I want to avoid that at all costs. And if there is food there and I cant control what it is, then I'll have to control the portion size and just eat much less than usual!

If I can make it to monday with any weeklies left then I will be a very very happy camper! Motivation and planning is the key to success - and if I have both of those then there is no stopping me! 

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