Tuesday, March 6, 2012


So the past 2 weeks have been horrible. I have stuck to my points, have had some weeklies left over, drank loads of water and for the most part made healthy choices in using my pp but I just feel bigger. Granted I have not done as much exercise as usual - but I have still done something!

Last week I had my STS and my WI is tonight and I am so worried about STS or
even a gain again. I am so bloated, and my clothes are not any different on me. At this early stage I kinda feel like 2 weeks STS or a gain is not good and I am beating myself up over it before my WI even happens.

I had a big long chat with my mum about it and I need to get my head around this. All I can do is my best and if some weeks the hard work doesn't show, then I need to trust it will eventually. It is much easier said than done but my challenge this week is to not get so caught up in it. As long as I am being 100% honest with my tracking and eating then this will work for me so I need to start trusting it!

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  1. The hard work you put in will eventually show, it always does!! Last week I stayed the same and was a bit disappointed, but I thought to myself 'If I wasn't in WW, I probably would have put on half a stone since Christmas, instead I'm now over a stone lighter!' It's all about the long game, forget week to week!