Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weigh In 4

Had my WI last night and am delighted to say I am down another 1.5lbs (picture me doing a little happy dance in my chair while typing this).

So I am still holding at half a pound a week above what I am aiming for so I couldn't be happier. I have had a complete attitude adjustment since last week and realised that what I said I was aiming for and what I was hoping for in my head were not matching up. I have managed to merge these, and while I know it would be great every now and then to see a higher loss - I would rather be losing it steadily and slowly so I can keep it off once and for all! I am only 1lbs away from my first silver 7 - and if I lose 1lb a week going forward I will be down a stone by Easter!

I know I have got a different attitude this time to all the other times I lost weight. I no longer see food as a reward for doing something, I still treat myself to things I like but within reason. Going out for dinner before meant ordering the highest fat thing on the menu, and if they place served chips I would almost always have to have them. I have not had any chips since January and I do not miss them at all. I have found that when eating out, sometimes choosing the healthy option is more satisfying and enjoyable than choosing the high fat 'treat'. The treat of going out is more being out and being sociable, not having to cook or clean up than filling myself with food that sometimes seems so much more appealing on the menu then it is when you eat it!

I'm only 4 weeks in, and I know that there will be times that the above attitude will falter, and I will crave chips or cream based sauces - and there will be times where my resolve my not be strong enough to avoid it. The difference is now I will be taking responsibility for those weaknesses and not let one bad day/WI ruin everything I am working for. I'm only human after all.

This is my year to get healthy, fit and happy with what I see in the mirror! And I have the first successful month down :-)


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  2. Congrats on losing another pound and a half. I completely agree about changing your attitude. I'm in the same boat, I'd love to lose all the weight really quickly but I've to lose just over 10 stone and that won't happen overnight!
    I've also given up chips, which before were my favourite food, and tbh I don't miss them. Before I would have felt sluggish after a meal, now I feel fine. I have the odd chip from someone else's plate, but that's just so I don't feel deprived.

  3. Congratulations! You've got a great attitude and to be honest I think that is the most important thing at the end of the day. Its a real case of slow and steady wins the race and once the mindset is right - you'll get there! Looking forward to your next posting (the chicken and noodles looked lovely!) :)