Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips is one of my absolute favourite meal, so I had to find the best way to have it guilt free. There are lots of recipes for breaded fish for low points but I have to say I like batter. So i found these in lidl, they are only 5pp. Now they are not the biggest in the world but they are really tasty and my stomach has definitely changed since starting WW (wish my eyes would catch up) because it does take a lot less to fill me up.

To go with this I made home made wedges. For 5pp you get 100g of frozen
chips, which lets be honest is not many at all. But for 5pp you get 250g of potato, turned into chips/wedges. I find that maris piper make the best chips/wedges. They hold their shape well for parboiling and roasting. I also have a thing for paprika at the moment, I am using it on everything and loving it - and I think seasoned wedges taste better than plain ones. 

For these I chopped my potato into wedges, and parboiled them for about 5-7 mins after the water comes to the boil. You don't want them fully cooked but just over half way there. Drain them really well, and put them back in the pot. While you do this throw a pan into a preheated oven to warm. Then season the potatoes with salt pepper and paprika and shake the pot well to coat the wedges. Spray with spray oil and shake again. Put them on the hot tray and bake for 35-40 minutes turning once. 

To make my meal extra indulgent I decided I wanted creamy dressing on  my salad so I made the following:
2tbsp light mayo
1 small clove garlic grated (if raw garlic is too strong try garlic powder or pureed roasted garlic)
half tsp dijon mustard
splash of balsamic vinegar
Put all the ingredients except the water in a small jug, add a little water and whisk well, then add water gradually until you have the consistency you want. Then pour it over your salad. This makes enough for 2-3 servings of salad and I count it as 1pp per serving. 
So with my fish and chips I made my marie rose sauce of ketchup and mayo and so the whole meal pointed at 12pp. And I was and still am stuffed after eating it!