Monday, February 13, 2012


I just signed up to do the runamuck challenge in March! 3 weeks to go and I have to do 5k of this and I am terrified!! I'm really glad I've only signed up for 1 lap. This is the first step to see how I am going to get on in the mini marathon in June. I don't want this challenge to be about the time I get but more getting through it and having fun!

I've been lacking in exercise this past week, there has just been so much going on which I know is no excuse so I am going to step up the exercise from now on. Try get a class or 2 in the gym and get out and do some actual out doors running instead of just on the treadmill! We'll see how I get on :)

WI tomorrow and am already my usual bundle of nerves, only time will tell....

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  1. Best of luck with it! It's brilliant that you even signed up for it. Great motivation. Best of luck at your weigh-in!