Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weigh In 5

So today I was very nervous for my WI - last wednesday I figured out that for all of the week before I had pointed a wrap in work wrong. So every day instead of having the 6pp I thought, I was really having 11pp!! And since I lost weight on tuesday I was really worried that the mistake would show this week. So I was ridiculously good all week, used some but not all of my 49 and I was kind of just hoping for the best. I did not think overeating by 25pp the week before would go unnoticed. I had also, after my attitude readjustment I had decided that I was going to lose it slowly and I was ok with that. That I was going to be genuinely happy with any loss at all and start looking at the bigger picture.

I was my usual nervous self anyway before stepping onto the scales - that stone in my stomach seems to get heavier and heavier each week. My dress which felt loose when I put it on this morning was starting to feel very tight and constricting. I stepped up on the scales all ready to be disappointed when Mary pointed and gasped - 5lbs down!! I couldn't believe it and I swear I nearly cried. It was so overly dramatic but I couldn't help it. I've now lost 11lbs in 5 weeks which is more than double what I have been aiming for. I got my silver 7 tonight, my 5% goal and I am only 3lbs away from losing my stone. Penguin party to celebrate!!

Now I am starting my week on a high, motivated and ready to go :-) Onwards and downwards!!