Monday, January 30, 2012

Worried as usual!

Its the night before WI and as usual I am a bag of nerves. Its my TOTM so I am seriously worried that I am retaining water or something. I can't remember how my body used to handle TOTM before. I know I can't do anything about it now but worry so I'm going to do that.

The week has been good, ate out twice but made healthy choices both times. The first I had a dressing free salad as a starter, and then haddock with chorizo and white bean stew and crab salsa. All very low and not creamy or oily at all. Stayed within my pp for the day so didn't have to dip into my weeklies. The second was slightly less saintly, but then what are the weeklies for. I had beef carpaccio to start which did have a bit of oil on it - though was def the best option on the menu. For main I had spaghetti with clams asparagus and chilli - again it was a little oily, but I didn't eat the whole portion of pasta and clams are pretty low so the oil was all I really had to worry about. Both nights I managed to avoid dessert by only having a teeny tiny taste each time. I also managed to avoid dessert at my book club with the same tact and by bringing along some strawberries and blueberries so I had something to eat. So the problem was when sunday hit and so did my TOTM and I was hungry all day long!

As it stands with WI tomorrow I have got 13 weeklies left and am very nervous. Did slightly less exercise than usual too which probably hasn't helped. But this is where is stands and I will be holding my breath as I step on those scales tomorrow :-)

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