Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Second Weigh In

I am not a happy camper at all! I STS this week. I mean I know it is not the worst result and my Friday night may have had a little to do with that. But even with my Friday night, everything I ate fitted exactly into my pro-points allowance and I did 3 days at the gym and 20 mins of walking each work day so I really thought I should have been down something, even half a pound and I would have been happy.

What I usually do when I have a disappointing week is go away and eat all the things that I shouldn't and as much of them as humanly possible but as I said before I have decided that this time is going to be different. And after the meeting it is still the same as always and counting everything in my pro-points. So I went home and cooked myself a delicious dinner, spiced salmon steak with potato mange tout and a big salad with tesco light choices honey mustard dressing (0pp for 15ml). I just combined cayenne pepper, chilli powder and paprika (total 1tsp of all 3) and rubbed it on the salmon and then fried it in spray oil. Looked like it was burnt but it really was delicious. Also the salad looks pretty small there but it def looked bigger while I was eating it!

Start of my third week and my resolve is still strong. Have 2 nights out and a lunch at my friends to contend with but I have a plan. Am only going to drink one of the 2 nights and still not go mad. And I have told the friends whose lunch I am going too that I will prob be eating smaller portions because of it. My friend has told me she will tell me as soon as she knows what they are making so I can plan for it. They are pretty healthy cooks anyway so I'm not too worried about that. It really makes the difference having the support of people who know how important this is to me.

I have felt quite bloated all week, which isn't a nice feeling. Trying to keep my water intake up and cut out as much processed foods as possible to see if that helps. Also want to do a Box-fit class tonight on top of my 3 days doing my program in the gym so really going to go for it and hope that I can do better next week!

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