Monday, January 9, 2012

Starting Point

I'm using this blog to document what will hopefully be my last real weight loss journey. I want to lose the weight once and for all this time! I am not the best writer so hopefully you will bear with me!

I guess the best place to start is with my story. For as long as I can remember I have identified myself as overweight. Although up until I was about 10 this definitely was not the case. At 10 my mother put me on my first diet. Had started to get a little bit chubby and was going away for a week school trip and I guess she was trying to help. She was following weight watchers at the time so she had me loosely follow it too. This would happen multiple times in my teens until at 17 I was old enough to join for myself the first time.
Between the ages of 17 and 25 I followed weight watchers on and off (more on than off) and while I never got to my goal weight (10 stone) I did get very close on a few occasions and generally managed to maintain my weight at a healthy place, between 10 and 11 stone for the most part. Then at 25 I went travelling and all hell broke loose, and now here I am at 14 stone 3lbs. And I have decided that I will do it this time and keep it off with no excuses. And I suppose using this as a sort or diary to help me get down what I am feeling, document my weakest and strongest points and make sure I can actually stick to it this time.

Not sure if anyone will bother reading but sure I've put it out there now, so if you do read hope you find it interesting!

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