Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is the week ruined?

So Friday night I went out for dinner and I did all those things you are supposed to so I would be prepared. I checked out their online menu and picked out a fairly healthy 3 course dinner. I didn't touch a single of my weekly 49 and I had 19 pp left over from the day. Then I got there and they had a completely different menu. I'm gonna be honest I did panic a bit and tried my best to choose the best options.

Starter was parsnip and vanilla soup with scallop and black pudding ravioli. Was only one ravioli and I didn't eat all the soup, so I pointed this as 10pp. Then for main I had mallard with lyonnaise potato and Madeira sauce. I took the skin off the mallard and there was a very small portion of potato, 50g at most. And a really small amount of sauce. Pointed that at 12pp, counted the mallard as I would duck but have since been told mallard is much leaner than duck. Then dessert came an I got passion fruit sorbet with chantilly cream and some chocolate cream thing. Only ate half the chocolate and half the cream but pointed it at 12pp. Had some drinks and all of it wrote off all my leftover points and weeklies.

Then after the night out, 4:30 in the morning went and got a slice of pizza. I know I shouldn't have, 7pro points that I took from Saturdays allowance because well it was technically Saturday when I ate it. It's what I really have to learn to say no too, I always seem to want food when I'm drinking, so next time I'm out I have to stop myself. Friday was my first big test and I failed miserably.

So I have got back on track since then, and I really hope that Friday night won't ruin the rest of the week! Did a bit of time in the gym yesterday and will go again tomorrow!

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  1. At least you pointed the pizza slice! so you still have a chance at maintaining and losing especially with some extra exercise for the rest of the week!
    Good Luck