Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 1

So it was actually last Tuesday that I joined again, so I am nearly at the end of my first week. At the moment I get 31 pro points per day and then the extra 49 for the week.

So this week has been relatively easy going. I have the support of my boyfriend, friends and family which is really the biggest help really. I haven't really had to dip into the extra 49 too much, but then again 31 points is a lot when you are eating healthily.

The hardest was dinner at my parents house and that was when I did use the most of the 49. I also find it hard to log the food that my dad cooks - he is an ex chef and so measuring stuff is beyond him and he seems to sneak oil and fat into things without looking. I also always have a tendency to pick at things at my parents house. Something I don't really do at home, there is always leftovers in the fridge and the food is always so tasty there. Because I had so many of my extra 49 left (something like 47, on top of 13 dailies left). I did treat myself a little bit and logged what i thought was correct - not sure if i under or over logged but I still have 33 weekly propoints that I dont plan on using before tomorrow left - so it shouldn't be too bad. My mum is also planning on rejoining this week, so hopefully on the weeks that I have to be a little tighter with my points, me and her can cook ourselves a separate dinner.

Some things I have discovered this week that have been great.

  • Lidl Yellowfin Sole Fillets - 5 pro-points per fillet and quite filling.
  • Quorn Mince - was not aware that this was only 2 pro points for 100g - and that is a huge portion. Made a bolognese with 70g of pasta and i couldn't finish the sauce. You could almost bulk it up with a few more veg (i just put aubergine in it) and use it for 2 portions at only 1 pro-point (base sauce with no oil, only spray oil), and then add a side salad or a slice of low cal garlic bread. Also would be great over a baked potato with a little bit of grated cheddar.
  • Am a devil for snacking while I'm cooking, so I made up a tomato beetroot and onion salsa that kept in the fridge and was really refreshing to eat while cooking. I just cut up one tomato, one beetroot and half an onion into very small cubes and then seasoned and added 1 tbs of balsamic vinegar. Was delicious on top of the Sole fillet with a tiny bit of mayo also.
  • I also have nearly every weight watchers mag from last year. So i went through and cataloged all the recipes I would like to try. Marked them with a post it showing the amount of pro-points, and how many it served. It can be quite tiresome flicking through them every time I want a recipe so this helps.

Gonna try bake one sweet treat a week from the WW mags/cookbooks too. This week was chocolate marble cheesecake from an RTE guide weight watcher supplement. I went to a friends for dinner and brought the dessert with me so even though cheese cake isnt my favourite sweet, it goes down well in a group. I have decided that I am going to offer to bring dessert every time I'm invited for dinner. With the main dinner it is easier to just eat smaller portions - but I find it more difficult to resist dessert - so at least if I bring it I know how many pro-points are in it.

So my weigh in is tomorrow and I am both nervous and excited, I have put the work in and I really hope i get the results that will spur me on to stick with it! Will post again tomorrow as to how I've got on.


  1. That is great tip for the magazines! I went to the trouble of pulling all the pages out, they are still sitting in a box waiting to be put in a folder! I will get it done!

    Great start to the new year and good luck in your weight loss journey

    Niamh (Baby75) on boards :)

  2. Yeh I was gonna do the tear them out and put them in a folder thing, but I'm so all over the place I would have made a mess of it, torn the pages and stuff. Marking them with post it's was much easier but not as space efficient ��

  3. I have the folder in action for a few years now, but still a lot of cr*p in there that I'm sure I've never made :) I have however made the marble cake you mentioned and it is de-vine! Well worth it!