Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Weigh In

So today was the day, and I lost...3lbs! Am delighted though i would be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for a little more it being my first week and all. But 3lbs is still brilliant and its all in the right direction. My goal is only for 1lb a week so thats a good kickstart. Those few minutes queuing up waiting to be weighed, when you can see everyone else ahead who seems to have done brilliantly - they are so intense. Even though I knew I had put the work in

My way before with WW was after a weigh in you got a night off, and I'd get a takeaway or something very bad and ALWAYS dessert. So I have decided that this year I'm not gonna do that. I may use up any of the extra 49 weekly pro-points I have left (if any) but im gonna try to just stick to a normal dinner. I used to think I was entitled to this treat for doing well, or needed it to cheer me up for doing badly. I have a new outlook this time, my reward to myself for doing well will be a good start on another weeks weight loss. And on weeks when I haven't done well, then I need to start as I mean to go on to get back on track. So tonight I did have a bit of a special dinner, steak and sautéed potatoes and mushrooms with a garlic cream sauce but it came in at 12 pro-points, which left me with 2 over for a sweet treat. The weight watchers cream is brilliant for creamy sauces for meat or fish. Tastes really indulgent and creamy, but only 1 pro-point for a tablespoon. Also great for using with pasta too. Never really have it with desert though, definitely think it is more one for use in cooking.

So I am still deciding whether or not to keep this blog anonymous or to post a photo log to show my progress too. I have lots of fat pictures for a before shot that I can add at any point, but as of yet I am keeping it quiet! Will be back soon with more updates :)

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