Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Lovely Day for a Walk!

Can you believe how glorious the weather is for the end of September! We have been spoiled rotten by this weather and I do not know how I am going to manage it once the winter really hits. I did not handle the brief few days of cold and rain well!

Back to the now, the wonderful Mary (my amazing ex - weight watcher leader) picked a perfect saturday to undertake the Bray to Greystones cliff walk. I grew up in Cabinteely and have never ever done this walk so I decided no matter what I was going to make this walk. I was also dog sitting for my parents dogs for the weekend so perfect opportunity to get them out for a walk!

Emsy getting a handle of the pooches!

We met in Bray at 9:30 and headed off pretty soon after. The walk is 6km each way, and I know the original plan was walk to Greystones and get the DART back. Since myself and Emma bought the dogs we had no choice but to commit to the full 10km (though I know the others all ended up taking the walk back as well). I have to say the walk is gorgeous and for anyone who has never done it I would highly recommend it. It is one I will definitely be doing again. Its not an easy walk, there are some narrow paths and a few steep climbs but it is well worth it!

When we got to Greystones the dogs were well in need of some rest before embarking on the return journey (definitely just the dogs! ) and so we went up the the Happy Pear for some delicious coffee, fruit salad, yoghurt and a little sprinkling of granola. Was just what we needed to keep us going. The Happy Pear also very kindly leaves out a communal dog bowl for the puppies so they could garner a bit of refreshment!

I also got one of these bad boys and some coconut water to have on the walk back. This will set you back 5 propoints but is great for a pre or post workout boost. It was really tasty and something I would probably take on a long walk or keep with me for after a jog again. They have a few different flavours but I really liked this one! Coconut water is also something I have been meaning to try for a long time, you can get it in most shops now and it was really lovely. Very refreshing and hydrating too. For those who are not huge coconut fans it is not too coconutty, very subtle flavour but again something I will have again.

The walk back was a lot busier, we were getting to the middle of the day and with the sun shining like it was I can see why it is such a popular spot. I did start to fade a little toward the last 1-2 km but we powered through and made it to the end. The walk took about 1hour 15 minutes each way, and we weren't rushing it at all. So with the little break in Greystones I was glad we set off so early, it took up most the morning but was a great way to spend it. I'm already looking forward to the next walk Mary organises, I heard glendalough being mentioned! 

Holidays are coming on Wednesday and I could not be more excited, not only because of the holiday but because my good friends wedding is happening. He is the first in our group of friends to get married and it really is going to be a wonderful week! I have the last weigh in of my 6 week challenge on Tuesday, so I am hoping to have time for one quick post to update you all on the final results!

Hope everyone is making the most of the sun while it lasts :-)

2 pooped puppies, exactly how I felt at the end too! 

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  1. Aw Zoe, what a lovely blog post!
    Wasn't it a brilliant day. The photos are so cute . Can't believe the dogs did so well. The way back scenery was even nicer but it was too long for me.
    However we went.on the.roundabout afterwards to relax. Am thinking next four weeks or so doing Glendalough will post it xx