Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The End Is in Sight....Or Is It?

My personal 6 week challenge is coming to an end. I am a little disappointed to say that I gained a pound this week. I'm not going to lie it was a little unexpected. As a woman there is usually one week in every month that we don't have the best results when it comes to the scales, but when I watch what is going on and stick to my plan I usually see a STS those weeks. And I stayed on track, I have eaten cleanly all week, stayed away from processed foods and bread and pasta. I have counted my propoints and still half almost half my weekly propoints left over. 

Sometimes we don't get the results we deserve. I know in my heart I have eaten well this week and I have done what I needed to do. Should I change my goals or my plans due to one bad result? I have learned a lot over the past few weeks and one thing is for sure that the way I have been eating works for me in so many ways. I feel so much better and I have more energy. I know what is in all the foods I am eating and they taste really good. 

So does this all end for good at the end of my 6 weeks?  I think while I may be a little bit looser with this at the end of the 6 weeks, the main principles will remain. I won't say no when my dad asks me to taste his homemade sourdough on a Sunday (sorry Dad) and if I am eating out at a friends or in a restaurant I won't freak out if my options are limited. But in my day to day eating I will be sticking with this general way of eating.

The week has been good in other ways, my clothes are all fitting comfortably and going shopping has really cemented how much easier and enjoyable shopping is. If only I had a never ending back balance to go with the never ending good feeling that shopping now is. My lovely blog has reached a new milestone, 10,000 views this month alone already! Its been an exciting month, when I started I never imagined the blog getting 10,000 views in total so I am a little shocked but delighted that people are reading and hopefully finding the blog useful.  So thank you and welcome to any new readers I have gained, and thanks for sticking around to all the existing readers. 

For now I am focused on the last week of my challenge and more importantly the last week before my holiday so I am knuckling down and sticking to it. I may not get under goal for the holiday, but I know I will be going away having spent 6 weeks eating the healthiest I ever have which is good enough for me! 

Photo courtesy of Evgeni Dinev / freedigitalphotos.net

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  1. Wow! First off, well done on finishing the 6 week plan - I'm sorry the last result wasnt what you wanted but by the sounds of it, you learned loads from doing it :) Secondly, well done on the Blog Views - your blog is fantastic... I just wish you'd post more :)