Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Another Week Goes By

I have to say now we are nearing the end of May I am finding myself slipping back into my bad habits of just ignoring the plan at the weekend. The past couple of weeks, once work is done on a Friday I ignore my tracker and just enjoy myself. I am definitely eating a little bit more mindfully than I was before - only eating when hungry and not raiding the fridge just because its a 'day off' but I am definitely not eating well.

I do not think my May results will mimic my April ones scales wise, but I will be happy if I am not gaining.  I'm off work this Friday and out and about, so another long weekend to deal with. I need to make a plan for my weekend meals going forward, as I think I am letting myself get to hungry and then just eating whatever is there for the sake of it. So I am going to have a bit of a think in advance about what I will be eating this weekend and see if I can track a little bit better.

Meal plan up to Friday is done, so at least I know I can control that aspect of things.

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