Monday, May 13, 2019

Summers Coming

May is here and it looks like the sun is out, no idea how long it will last but fingers crossed we get a few weekends out of it. My only problem with the sun is I find it so much harder to stay on plan. I know a lot of people look forward to summer for the salads and fruit etc, and while that is all great, I associate the sun with BBQ's and drinks. And while I know you can have healthy BBQ's, for me it never works out that way. I can make as many healthy salads as I want and think I'll just eat a chicken breast, but before I know it I've had 2 jumbo sausages, ribs as well as my chicken breast (plus all the salads).

We still have that Irish thing of needing to make the most of the sun as it might be the only weekend we get it. I also have the guilt of trying not to ruin everyone elses fun just because I can't control myself. It's a work in progress - just like everything else!!

I know I am a little late with this update, but I didn't get to blog last week over the bank holiday. I had said previously that I was going to track my losses/gains over a monthly period rather than weekly, and my April results are in and I was down 3lbs overall. I stuck mostly to my tracking except for one day and I feel really good about the result.

May has been a bit of a shakey start. I am slipping back to my weekend habits of completely losing the run of myself on a Friday and trying to track retrospectively - which never works. Was much better over the bank holiday than I was this past weekend and as a result I don't feel great this morning. I feel very bloated and uncomfortable and my skin is breaking out a bit. Meal plan done for the week and determine to lose this bloated feeling by the weekend. Heading out after work on Friday so will be a day off plan, just need to get lots of healthy stuff that doesn't take much prep into the house for Saturday so I don't resort to the pizza/chips out of desperation.

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