Monday, April 8, 2019

The Start of Something New

Last week I set myself a challenge for April, track every single day no matter what. I had the best intentions but I was a little worried heading into the weekend. There have been so many times this year that I have felt like I was ready to get my head back down and stick to the plan, and then the weekend hits and all my best plans go out the window. We were having friends over for Sunday lunch and I knew I was going to go over my SmartPoints, as I was planning a few drinks on Saturday night at home to use up some of my weeklies. I tracked as much as I could in advance and then made sure to track all the extra's I had nibbled on straight after they left. I ended up 34 over my weeklies (oops) but as it was all tracked I was a little bit more mindful than I would usually be, and had I not bothered I am sure I would have been so much more over.

So the first weekend of the challenge has been a success. I have another tricky event this weekend, heading to the Gin Experience with my sister, so I know tracking is going to be tough but I will be doing my best. I am feeling a little better about things and confident that I can get through that challenge. Whatever the result on the scales are, getting through 30 days tracking as much as possible will be a big win. 

Meal plan is done. I seem to have a few high Smart Point dinners, but the plan is to keep back 4 of my dailies each day to try and reduce the minus figure showing on my esource each day! 

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