Monday, November 26, 2018

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: November Week 5

And just like that are into the last week of November. I have 16 more working days until I finish up for Christmas (and 15 portions of soup in the freezer to keep me going for lunches). This weekend is when the real silly season starts for me and we have a busy one planned. We are heading to see the light show straight after work on Friday night, so that will either mean a takeaway when we get home or grabbing food out. Saturday we are heading to the dogs and for pizza for my sisters birthday and Sunday we are having a couple of friends up for Sunday lunch. This weekend I hope to make good choices during the day on Friday and keep as many of my dailies for that evening as I can. If I can manage to keep to my dailies that day I will be doing well. Saturday we will have a lot of stuff to get done during the day so I won't have time for lots of treats or eating, I can't go too mad with drinks on Saturday as I have to cook for friends on Sunday. And finally since I am in charge of the menu for Sunday I know I can stick to my dailies that day. 

I managed to lose 2lbs so I have so far lost 6lbs of my Christmas goal of 10lbs, right on track considering there are 4 weigh ins left. I am hoping to get a decent loss this Thursday coming, but I had a bit of a mad day out on Saturday where I definitely went more overboard than intended. The plan was to get back to it yesterday morning, which I did but then for some reason at my parents I got stuck into the crisps and guacamole before dinner and ended up about 5 smartpoints over for the day. Not much I can do about it now, except work extra hard and try and get a bit more exercise in than I did last week. 

Still keeping the meal plan simple, nothing too fancy just enough to know that I can throw it together when I get home from work quickly and easily!! Only way for it when its busy! 

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