Monday, December 3, 2018

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: December Week 1

December is on us and we are down to 3 weigh in's until Christmas. Despite my hopes, I was up 1lb this week. I am not surprised as my one day off plan was really OTT and I did go over my SmartPoints the following day too. On top of that I was definitely retaining some water this week and to be honest looking at previous weeks where I am retaining water, 1lb up is a good result. 

So the weekend just gone was the first really manic weekend of the Christmas period. We headed out after work on Friday to the see the lights in Dublin Zoo and our original plan had been to head for food and a few drinks after. We knew how busy the weekend was going to be so we opted to head home and get a takeaway and open a bottle of win instead. Got plenlty of steps walking around the zoo and chose on of the healthy options from Camille. Since I had made good choiced during th day,  I only used 6 of my weeklies on wine leaving 29 in tact for my usual Saturday night. 

Saturday we headed out for my sisters birthday and she wanted to go for Pizza and drinks. I made good choices during the day, and while I had a full pizza and shared some bread and dips as a starter, I didn't go too mad on drinks and managed to save myself a hangover on Sunday morning. I woke up and made a healthy breakfast before getting stuck in to prepping a healthy dinner for my friends who were coming over in the afternoon. As I was hangover free I was not tempted to pick and stuck to my plan of a healthy dinner. I made crumble for dessert and again just had some baked apples for myself with Halo Top ice cream. I also kept myself busy before they arrived cleaning and getting the place all festive (once December hits the tree can go up!)

So 3 weeks and 5lbs to hit my Christmas goal, which is a lot to ask. I have another busy weekend coming up. Friday I have the day off work to head into town and do some Christmas shopping with my love. I know we will most likely stop for a drink, eat our lunch out and grab dinner in M&S to take home. It's a rare day that we are both off work together, so I will make wise choices but I will enjoy my day. Saturday is my work Christmas party. My plan is to eat well and low SmartPoints during the day, skip dessert and do as much dancing as possible. I also plan on prepping everything for a roast chicken & potatoes on Saturday afternoon so all I have to do on Sunday is put it all in the oven and I'll have a healthy dinner removing the temptation for a hangover pizza. 

I also took the monday off, and there is a charity bake sale on Wednesday so the plan is to spend Monday baking for that and not eating any of my baked goods. Going to be tough but I hope my motivation is still as strong then as it is now making it quite easy to resist. In the mean time I have my meal plan done for the week and I am organised and feeling strong. I just need to ensure I can get back out running again this week after 4 rest days! 

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