Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: November Week 1

Happy Halloween!! I've always loved Halloween, getting to dress up and be someone else for a night. I think its been about 4 years since I last had a costume and I didn't get organised again this year, but next year no matter what I will have a costume. This year is also the first year we are getting trick or treaters being the first year in our new home. So there have been LOADS of sweets in the cupboard. I have so far had excellent self control and my plan is to try and forget that they are there. Since going back to class I have also kept a stash of 2 sp weight watcher bars in the cupboard and they have been doing the trick as a sweet fix in the evening. 

So last week I felt great in the days leading up to weigh in. I felt a little bloated but I had stuck to the plan, tracked everything so I was surely going to be down! So I was a little surprised when my leader told me I was up half a pound. Now in the grand scheme of things its not the end of the world, but its hard not to be a little deflated. But the key is not to dwell on that. I got home, had my dinner and just kept on going. Woke up on Friday and stuck to my plan, kept tracking and moved on. 

Bank holidays are always tricky but I didn't have any plans that would lead me off track. I stuck to my plan to get back to running and I am starting to get back to the actually looking forward to waking up for my runs. I even cooked for my parents on Sunday so I could control the meal and keep it within my SmartPoints. I spread my weeklies again over the weekend, and still have 7 left for the rest of the week before weigh in. I am still feeling a little bloated, so I am hoping by Thursday that will have resolved a little and I can see some results on the scales. Even if I don't, I am not giving up again. I feel better eating well again, and I want to hold on to that. 

So a new week, and a new meal plan - keeping me on track!!

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