Monday, October 9, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In October Week 2

All my good resolve went out the window last week. I had a couple of tough days in work and I just caved and my eating suffered. I didn’t go completely off the rails but I did pretty badly. I didn’t track anything and I know my meals were not good. I have been putting off the inevitable – going back to class. I was hoping I could get things under control myself first so I could save myself the weekly fee but if I am being honest that is not going to happen. I need the accountability of the class, the motivation to stop paying the weekly fee and the truth of the scales in class (not weighing myself first thing in the morning stark naked while trying to rebalance myself to save 0.1 of a pound).

So I am going back to class this week to face the (real) scales. Unfortunately since my move the class I was going to doesn’t suit me anymore which I have to say I am really disappointed about. I really liked the leader there and was hoping to be able to find a class she held that suited but it wasn’t to be. I have found one for a Thursday evening I can make on my way home from work that will still have me home before 8pm to make dinner.
I had a sneaky peek at my own scales on Sunday and it looks like I am back to being around 10/11lbs above goal. Which if it’s accurate is not as bad as it could have been but I am definitely not feeling very comfortable. I was out on Saturday night and was squeezed into all the control underwear I own under my jeans and I still felt self conscious. I’m not fitting comfortably into any of my clothes and something has to give.

I spent a little more time on my meal plan this week and I have chosen a lot of new recipes to try in the hopes that it keeps things interesting and keeps me on track. My serious weakness begins on Friday and ends on Monday – so I will be keeping myself much more accountable at the weekend this week. I have no social plans so I am hoping that helps!

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