Monday, October 23, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: October Week 4

Had my first official weigh in after heading back to class on Thursday and I am delighted to report I lost 2lbs. Great start and really boosted the motivation to keep on going. I was meant to be out 2 nights in a row at the weekend, but I had such an awful week in work and I wasn't feeling well that all I could do was stay in. So instead of using up all my weeklies on booze, I spread them out over the whole weekend but they were well and truly used up by the end of the weekend but all tracked and counted. 

While I did get a bit of exercise in the form of lovely walk with some old friends at Powerscourt Gardens, my running has been very much neglected of late. I hadn't been feeling up to running at all last week and just feeling really run down over the weekend so latched onto that excuse and didn't run at all. I got up this morning and forced myself out and the lack of continuity in my running since the rock'n'roll half has seriously taken a toll. I am slower than I've ever been and just finding it hard to keep going. 

I need to get back to it. Not just for my fitness levels but for my mental health. I have been letting all the stress of work get on top of me again, and its not good for me. For the past couple of years I have really relied on my runs to clear my head and reduce stress and I miss it. To be honest its probably going to take me a couple of weeks before I am back enjoying it again since I need to regain some fitness, but the thing is I know I will get back to loving it. I have just over 4 weeks to go to the Run in the Dark and I would like to have my fitness levels back to do the 10k. So  my focus for this week is to make sure I get out for at least 4 runs. 

With the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend & halloween, its going to be a tricky time for weightloss. This year is the first year we are in a house and will be getting trick or treaters. I would normally say buying the treats on Halloween so they aren't in the house to tempt you, but we bought our on Saturday. I have them stashed away where they aren't in my line of sight and the plan is to forget they are there until Halloween. I have no plans for the weekend so I am going to try and spread my weeklies over the few days and have little treats to make it a little easier. 

So in the run up to this troublesome weekend I have kept my meal plan simple but interesting. I finally got myself back in the kitchen and made my gorgeous Turkey Chilli Soup yesterday, so I have lunches sorted for the week which means I should be able to get out for a bit of walk to clear my head in the middle of the day. I am hoping for not only a great week foodwise, but to finally get back to working on everything else! 

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