Monday, November 6, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: November Week 2

I have to say I've felt pretty great over the past couple of weeks. I feel motivated and excited about what I'm eating for the first time in ages. I really want to stay on plan and while I have been tempted to stray there is something inside that is making me stick with it. The only problem is, I am yet to see the physical benefits. I feel pretty bloated at the moment, and my skin is in bits. I have a rash on my face (which I think is stress related) and my skin is blotchy and uneven. I have very little energy and my running is improving but very slowly. Last weigh in I lost the half pound I gained the previous week.

Reading all of that, it would be easy to think I am a bit down on myself. It does seem to be overwhelmingly negative, but I'm not. I know the program works and I just need to put some faith in it. This weekend I had a bit of a blowout on Saturday night. I went to a friends house and we got an indian takeaway, drank wine and ate crisps and cookies and to be honest had a fantastic time. I ate well before I got to my friends house, and the next day I was right back to my 30 dailies. Who knows what will happen on the scales this week but it was absolutely worth it. Over the weeks leading up to Christmas I know I am going to have those nights out, so I hope as long as I confine it to one night that I can continue my mission to get back to goal. 

Meal prepping is going well and as well as having lunches for every day, I've managed to stock the freezer up with enough soup to last a full work week for next time I don't get a chance to meal prep. Also mixing up the dinner recipes a bit to try and keep things interesting. Links for any of the recipes on the blog will be below the plan! 

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