Monday, October 16, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In

This week I finally took the step to go back to class. I didn't really want to but I knew if I kept putting it off I'd never go back and I'd continue to be miserable and uncomfortable. So I found a class I knew would suit no matter what - halfway between work and home - and up I rocked on Thursday evening. I had a few on plan days in the run up, and I had some idea from my home scales how bad it was, but I was still not excited about standing up on those scales. I did it, and the news was not as bad as it could have been. I am 9.5lbs above goal and I have 10 weigh ins between now and Christmas. So 1lb a week to be back to goal.

I feel like I've been here before so many times, and this is probably not the last time. I really admire those people who get to goal and stay there forever. Never go more than a couple of pounds over goal and just seem to have it down to a fine art. I will never be one of those people, I think I will always find it a struggle. I like food a lot and I stress eat. Though since getting to goal over 4 years ago, I may have let things slip but I have always caught myself before I get back to anywhere near where I started. And I hope I can work hard enough to never go back to the start again, but even if I do I got to goal once and I can do it again.

For now though, I am sticking to my meal plans. I have a bit of a busy weekend coming up and will be out on Friday and Saturday night. My plan though is to drive on Saturday and not drink, take away the temptation to go mad. Since moving and swapping my public transport commute for the car I am struggling to get my 10,000 steps in everyday so I need to up my game this week. Storm Ophelia got in the way of that a bit today, but I am hoping tomorrow is clear enough and I can get some walking done at lunch time.

Went back to the recipe archives this week for my meal plan, sticking with what I know. Links for the relevant recipes can be found below the plan. 

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