Monday, August 28, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: August Week 5

Despite my day off tracking on Saturday, I still managed to lose 1lb this week. Then I had another weekend completely off track. Friday was the culmination of a bad week in work and I let it get the better of me having lunch from the market and then pizza from M&S for dinner with doughballs & chips. Saturday was not tracked at all and while I did get out for a run and do lots of walking, my food was not great. Of course the fight being on that night, we were out at a friends house and I consumed an awful lot of gin and some doritos may have found their way into my mouth. Woke up on Sunday afternoon with a god awful hangover and was craving stodgy food. I didn't eat a huge amount during the day but we ended the evening with a takeaway as I had no energy for anything. 

I'm pretty disappointed in myself. Since July 11th I have only lost 3lbs and I am still half a stone over goal. I seem to just sabotage myself at the weekends, my will power is completely out the window. On the bright side I am getting back into a proper routine of running - and while my distances won't be as long as when I was half marathon training I really hope to build my pace back up over the next couple of months. I have a hectic few weeks and stuff on every since weekend until the end of September so all I can do is my best between now and then and hope that things calm down a bit for me then. 

At least my meal plans are keeping me on track Monday to Friday. I am doing my best to fill this week with filling, comforting foods to keep me satisfied. I am heading to a friends for dinner on Friday night but I think I can suggest a healthy option for us to try and limit the damage, and I will be on the dry this weekend too so I can hopefully save a few SmartPoints for that. I am looking forward to when things settle down and I can get back to my weight watcher classes, its so hard to stay motivated without them!

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