Monday, August 7, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: August Week 2

Slipped back to my old ways a little last weekend and I didn't really track anything. I was out for dinner and made the healthiest choices I could, but I drank plenty and fed my hangover the next day. I knew I had done some damage and even though I got myself back on track on Monday, I was not surprised when I saw that I had gained 2lbs when I weighed in on Thursday morning. So I gave myself a bit of a kick in the bum and planned out my bank holiday weekend ensuring I would be able to stay within my weeklies and dailies.

It's now Monday evening and I have 5 weeklies left with every single thing I have eaten tracked and accounted for. I am planned and ready for the week ahead and feeling good. I am going to struggle a bit on Thursday this week as I am travelling for work but I will be determined to eat well because next sunday is the Rock & Roll Half Marathon. Good nutrition in the run up to the race will help me on the day so that is what is driving me forward. 

Brief post tonight as I am currently up at my parents house, so need to put the laptop away and help out with dinner! Hope you all have a good week. 

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