Monday, August 21, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: August Week 4

I was a little worried that I had over indulged in the preparation & aftermath of the half marathon last weekend and it would show on the scales. I was pretty happy to see that I had maintained my weight! I reverted this week a little and didn't track a thing all day on Saturday and decided to then write off my weeklies. I went back today and tried to retrospectively track and I definitely went over my weeklies which is not great. I also was planning on heading back to running this weekend, but Saturday got away from me and I woke up on Sunday with one of the worst headaches ever that just did not seem to go away for the whole day and by the end of the day I was sick to my stomach as well. So while I got a fair amount of walking done on Saturday I got absolutely no exercise done on Sunday. 

Because I was feeling so bad yesterday I didn't even set the alarm for a run this morning and decided to just let myself get the extra sleep and I am so glad I did. I woke up feeling back to normal and ready to face the week. I'll  be setting my alarm tonight and heading out for a run in the morning, if I don't get back to it now I never will. I'm going to have a busy few weeks so I need to be sure to setting some time aside for my running. I don't have any races booked in, but I have my eye on one in October and definitely 2 in November so I need to be sure the keep the fitness up. 

Trying a few new recipes this week and a couple of old faithfuls. Friday is a bit up in the air at the moment dinner wise, but I will be sticking to my 30 SmartPoints that day in preparation for a few drinks while we watch the fight on Saturday night! Hope you all have a good week. 

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