Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan March Week 5

I missed weigh in last week because I left for Bruges on Thursday. I was going to try and make it to a weigh in on Wednesday evening but it turned out it was the only time I could get an appointment to get my hair cut so I had to miss it. I have to say it was really difficult not to give into holiday mode and go off plan but I did well and stayed on track right up to Wednesday evening. Post Thursday is a different story altogether....

Bruges is such a beautiful city. If you haven't been I would highly recommend it. We had an early morning flight on Thursday and an evening flight home on Sunday which gave us the guts of 4 days in Bruges. You could definitely see everything in less time, but this has been the first break away we have had in a year and a half so we wanted to be sure we could relax and enjoy it all. 

Night out in Bruges with my new hairdo
I'm not going to lie and say that I tried to make good food and drink choices where I could....I didn't, I ate what I wanted. Belgium is known for a couple of things, and not one of them is WW friendly. I certainly had my fill of beer, frites & mayo and chocolate as well as having an obligatory waffle & 5 course tasting menu in a michelin starred restaurant. 

Just some of what was consumed!

While I did not limit myself in food, I did do plenty of walking around the city, surpassing my step goal each day. I also got out for a run one of the mornings, and while I did not track time, pace or distance, it was nice to get out. I have to say I enjoyed every minute of the weekend and no matter what the scales say on Thursday I do not regret a single thing. We got back last night and I finished the weekend off with a cheeky takeaway - we were home late and there was absolutely no food in the house, but that was the end of it.
Step count for the days I was away! 

I woke up this morning (after a long lie in) and got myself sorted for the week. A full shop was done packed with veggies and my meal plan done. I have taken out the tracker and am determined to have a great 4 days ahead of my weigh in. I have another 10km in 2 weeks, so the alarm is set for the morning and I will be back out clocking up the km's in preparation. I'm looking forward to a great week. 

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