Monday, March 6, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan: March Week 2

Last week was both a great week and an awful week. I had a great week food wise, was on plan every day and tracked everything I ate. But I was not well at all last week. I felt exhausted and I had a constant headache that I could not seem to get rid of. I would usually just slip back into my old habits when I am sick, but I was determined to lose weight last week so I stuck to my resolve. By the time Thursday came around I felt awful and ended up leaving work early on Thursday to go home to bed. So no weigh in for me this week. I haven't let it trip me up and have been on plan ever since and am looking forward to weigh in this week. 

Being sick meant my running was a bit all over the place. Because I hadn't got out running the weekend before, I had planned on a running every day last week except Friday to make up for it but only actually managed to get out twice. I was a bit worried about the Windmill 10k I had signed up for. 

By saturday morning I was feeling much better and went out for the afternoon with my boyfriend, his cousin and her partner to do the Guinness Storehouse tour and have some dinner. Having the run the following day, I was planning on just having one pint in the Storehouse and then sticking to water - but I have no self control and ended up having 5 drinks over the day. So I went home feeling even more unsure about the following day. I was excited to be getting out and doing my 2nd race of the year, but was hoping I could actually get through it. I woke up the next morning feeling pretty good and got out to Garristown with plenty of time. While I was queuing for the loo before the start I got chatting to a couple of the other runners and they were talking about all the hills...I probably should have done a bit more research when I signed up, but it is a really hilly race which I was not prepared for. 

It was a tough race, but I somehow managed to get through it with a great time. The hills at the end were nearly the end of my, and I really felt like my legs weren't working anymore but I pushed through, and even though I did have to walk a bit at the end I am happy with how it went. I have a month until my next 10km so going to use Sunday's result to motivate my training and aim for a new PB. So time to get focused on my training and really make 2017 a great year for running. 

With my busy weekend I had no time for much meal planning so I am keeping things really simple this week. Chose a couple of easy recipes I have tried before so there is no gambling this week. It is probably not the most interesting week food wise, but it should all be pretty tasty and easy to throw together. I'm really looking forward to weigh in this week, hoping that my hard work from last week will show, and apart from some off plan dessert last night (hopefully covered by my activity points) I will be having another great week this week. 

Recipe for monday's dinner can be found here: Asian Haddock

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