Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In

So despite recovering well last week, I still had 3 full days off plan, so I knew I was going to be up last week. The question really was what sort of damage control had I managed. I was up half a pound which I will take and run. It could have been a lot worse, but there is a lot to be said for damage control. I also think I didn't fully deserve the 1lb gain I had the week before, but over the 2 weeks the gain makes sense. 

I have been totally focused this week. I had my usual Saturday 'off plan', where I used up my weeklies (and probably a few activity points) but woke up Sunday morning ready to get back to it. I often find Sunday's tricky as I go up to my parents and best efforts to track can go by the wayside, but this week I was home and fully in charge of all my food. I'm not doing too well with my Sunday meal prep this year and it is something I need to get back to next week. I am making good use of leftovers this week and plan to cook up some pasta salad tomorrow evening for a couple of days lunch. 

Sunday I also did my first race of the year, the Raheny 5 mile. My running for January has been very hit and miss so I was a little apprehensive about it. Also on the whole drive to Raheny it was pissing rain, which really made me not want to the do it at all. But as my leader Linda says, we're not made of solpadene and we aren't going to melt. Once I got out there I was so glad I hadn't chickened out. The atmosphere at the start was great, as it usually is with these races. The organisation was great and things kicked off pretty much at 3pm on the button. As soon as I got moving all my fears pretty much melted away. The course was a lovely course and as the miles went by the weather started to improve too. I have never done a 5 mile race before, so I have no real reference for how good my time is. It is slightly faster than any of my 8km training runs from before Christmas. It was also the longest I have run since the Fat Turkey 10km after Christmas, so I am pretty delighted with the pace. I had to give almost the whole goody bag to my other half, a multipack of rolos, a sharing bar of aero, box of fruit pastilles and a bag of hunky dorys!! Get it out of my sight quick!!!

I have left it too long to sign up for the 10km I wanted to do in February and it is sold out, and the run I had planned for March is actually in April. So if anyone has any suggestions for runs in Feb/Mar in the greater Dublin area let me know! Itching to get out there. 

Starting to experiment in the kitchen a little more this week, and will be trying out 2 new recipes which will hopefully end up on the blog - chicken enchiladas & prawn panaeng curry. Either way, I have a couple more waiting to be posted so you will be getting one new recipes this week!! In the meantime, the recipes for my signature burger & meatballs can be found below. 

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