Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: January Week 2

Last week was judgement week for us all. That first weigh in for Christmas, for me it's rarely been good news (one year I had a STS miraculously). The thing is, even when we know bad news is coming, we need to go and face it. So I did, and I was up 5.5lbs. I had suspected it would be that much, but I was secretly hoping I was wrong. I had already done the really hard part, got myself back on track. I had been been back to tracking since the previous Monday so I just needed to keep it going. That 5.5lbs went on so easily and will be much tougher to shift but I am hoping that I will get a start on losing it this week. 

I was sick last week so I wasn't able to get back to running until saturday, and it was a bit of a disaster. I had an alright 5km on saturday, but Sunday came and I could hardly even run for a full km. I'll be back to my normal routine and up at 5:45am for tomorrows run. Even if I struggle the plan is to stick with it and I will find my stride again. I have made my list of races I want to enter and I have at least 1 per month lined up starting out with the Raheny 5 mile at the end of this month. 

Today is also a bit of a milestone, this day 5 years ago I started this blog a few days after joining back in 2012 and I really can't believe how much it has grown. In my first year I had less views than I get in a month now, and a couple of months ago I hit 500,000 views ( nearly at 600,000 now). So I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who reads and interacts with my blog, instagram or facebook page. You guys all keep me motivated not only to keep on blogging but also to keep on maintaining! 

This weeks meal plan is done and my lunches for work were all prepped yesterday and are in the fridge in work. Links to any of the recipes that are on the blog can be found below and I hope by the end of the week I have a couple of new ones to add to the list. Here's to a new week!!

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