Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: Jan Week 4

Despite all of my planning,  last week was really difficult. I managed to find a weigh in on Wednesday and I gained 1lb. I'd be lying if I said I was happy about it, but I am also not too concerned about it. I was really all over the place last week, and while I was tracking and keeping on top of my food it can be hard to be 100% with weeks like that. I know if I had just forgotten about the plan and not been so conscious I could have easily gained 3 or 4lbs instead. I also didn't have time for much exercise, was hardly getting my 10,000 steps in never mind running. 

I went off for my business trip on Thursday and was ready to start fresh on Friday. We were heading out for a meal and drinks for an anniversary party, but I had my weeklies and I was fine with that. But then I woke up on Saturday absolutely shattered from the week and hungover. And so a full blown cheat day followed. I absolutely had no weeklies left at all and I would hate to think about how many SmartPoints I made my way through. 

I woke up on Sunday ready to put the past few days behind me and really go for it. I was up at 7am for a 5km run, before having a healthy and filling breakfast and heading off to meet my friends for a nice hour long walk. I kept the activity going by making the 30 minute walk in and out of the cinema that afternoon, and had some healthy snacks to keep me going. I always go to my parents on a Sunday, and since my sister is following Slimming World we had a great on plan dinner followed by fruit salad for dessert. It was the boost I needed to get me back on plan. 

So I am hoping I can do enough for the next few days for a STS, but if I gain I only have myself to blame. I am excited about my meal plan this week, lots of lovely dinners which are quick and easy to make after work. Last weekend I went through more than a years worth of WW magazines and pulled out the recipes I wanted to keep. It gave me loads of idea for the next few weeks, some that I had tried before and loved and some that I had wanted to try but forgot about. So I have 3 on the menu this week. Being excited about the foods you have planned makes it so much easier to stay on plan!! 

Recipe for the beef pho can be found here. I will be posting another new recipe this week so watch this space! 

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