Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: November Week 5

November is coming to a close and the busy weekend are starting to take a bit of a toll on me I have to say. I'd love to have the time to get meal prepping on a Sunday but I have conceded that for the rest of the year I am going to have to rely on what I can get in Dunnes on a Monday to make do for work lunches for the week. Weigh in last week went much better than I expected and I only gained 1lb. I have put that firmly behind me and started my new week fresh as soon as I got home from weigh in. 

I had one night out this weekend which I did enjoy and I wrote off my weeklies. But I woke up yesterday morning and despite my hangover and craving for anything stodgy and unhealthy, I got myself back on track and feeling pretty good. I haven't had to add any events to my Christmas Calendar yet, so I am still feeling pretty much in control of the weeks to come. I think after the Hen, my work Christmas party is the event I am most worried about...well not the party itself but the hangover the following day. Everything else is easily managed, well we'll see if I am still this positive in a few weeks. 

Keeping it nice and easy for my meal plan this week. Cold dark evenings mean you want something quick and comforting before you can find the sofa and wrap up in a nice fluffy blanket! I have lapsed a little bit on my recipe posts, but I was looking through my recipe notebook and I have a couple I never got around to sharing. So I will pick up and share those in the next few weeks, watch this space! If anyone has any recipe requests, things you would like me to try and lighten up a bit - let me know and I will add them to my list of things for the new year! Have a great week everyone.

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