Monday, November 21, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: November Week 4

After the last few weeks of up and down, this week the scales finally caught up and I lost 3lbs. The only reason that happened was because I trusted the program and stuck with it. It would have been so easy to get frustrated by the lack of movement on the scales and give up. No matter what the scales are saying, if you know you are sticking to the plan then don't give up. The scales will always catch up!

Unfortunately, I went a bit mental at the hen party I was at this weekend. There was soooo much food and drink and I seriously indulged. I then let the hangover get the better of me and did not get back on plan yesterday when I got home. So I would not be surprised if I gained back some or all of those lost 3lbs when I get to weigh in this week. 

I took today off work with great plans of getting myself really organised but instead I used it for some much needed rest. I am however back on track today and did manage to make time for my meal plan. I am focused to stick with the plan between now and Thursday's weigh in, and while I skipped a planned run today I am going to make up for it on Wednesday to try and build up a few more activity points as damage control. If I do gain on Thursday, I know I will have a deserved it and I will be doing all I can to get it back off the week after. 

This weeks meal plan is a bit of a lazy one - soup for lunches and 2 big dinners that will give leftovers for ease of staying on track. It's not the most exciting plan, but sometimes you need to go simple in order to be able to stick with it! 

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