Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: December Week 1

Not many weigh in's left before Christmas, so I was not one bit impressed when I was up 1lb on the scales on Thursday. I have realised over the past year that my body basically hates me and both the week before and of my TOTM the scales do not cooperate. I would have hoped to at least STS. This week, despite staying on plan, I feel so bloated and heavy that I am sure I will be up again. If that is the case this week, I will take it on the chin and move on. 

This week my food has been great, but my head is another story. I was hit by an anxiety attack on Monday morning and it just took its toll on me all day yesterday. I am feeling more myself today, but I am just exhausted and there is a lot going on in work so just trying to keep on top of everything. In the past I have let days like that pull me so far off plan - and it would have been easy to do the same yesterday, especially with all the Christmas temptation everywhere. This time I didn't. I just put my head down, ate what I had planned and got through it. Eating junk would not have made me feel any better, if anything I would have felt guilty and it would have prolonged the negative feelings. The past couple of bouts of anxiety, I have managed to cope without turning to the junk food and I am so proud of that!

Weekends have been so busy, so I haven't had a chance to do any meal prep on a Sunday in a while. Keeping things simple and going with some filling and comforting soups for my lunches, and some quick and easy midweek dinner recipes. I have my Christmas Party on Friday, so everything up to that point needs to be perfect! Here's to a new week and 3 more weigh ins until Christmas! 

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