Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Christmas Plan of Action!

I love Christmas, well most aspects of Christmas. We all know it can be a serious struggle to get through the holiday season without gaining back a lot of the weight we work so hard to lose throughout the rest of the year. I find, as with anything the key to getting through the season is planning! While it may seem like Christmas has snuck up on us once again, we do still have plenty of time to make a plan of action. 

So how do you plan for Christmas. First you need to make a goal of what you want to achieve between now and December 24th. To do this realistically, you need to take a look at what exactly you have in your calendar that you need to account for. Once this is done you can make a call on how you plan to handle these. Is it the type of event that no matter what you plan you know it will all go out the window and 10,000 smartpoints will be consumed, or can you budget weeklies and dailies to allow for it. 

I am a visual person so I have done this in a pretty little calendar on excel - but what ever works for you. As you can see (the quality is not great,but the events themselves are not important) I have marked in the days that something is happening that could result in me going off plan. 

Apart from Christmas week, it looks OK and my plan will be the following:

  • Use as few SmartPoints the day of whatever event I have. Lots of zero hero's and high protein items to keep me full while keeping lots of extra's.
  • Save my weeklies for those days. For the most part I only have one big thing per week (apart from the Hen this weekend which may spill into the following day, breakfast and travelling home hungover won't be easy), so all my weeklies can be used on that one night. 
  • Build up as many FitPoints as possible. I have marked on my calendar with a star every day I plan on running. I will need to do at least 4 runs per week, clocking distances of 5-10k per run. 
  • If the plan goes out the window for one day - pick myself back up and start again ASAP. No point in throwing in the towel after one bad day/meal. 
Of course it's still early days, and a lot more things could end up in there, but for now I have a plan. For the past few weeks the scales have not really been cooperating. With 6 weigh in's to go for Christmas, it is still possible to lose the 5lbs I need to get back to goal, but it will be tough. I will be happy with whatever I can get, but I will be aiming for the 5lbs and using that as motivation to stick to my plan. 

Last year I did a similar post and I ran through some tips for getting through events. You can find it here. Would love to hear everyone else's tips and tricks for staying on track over the silly season!! 

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