Monday, March 21, 2016

Meal Plan & Weigh In - Wedding Edition!

This week was the big weigh in, the final weigh in before my beautiful friends wedding where I was to be bridesmaid. I really wanted to be back at goal, and back in January I really set my mind to sticking 100% to the plan to try and get there in time for the wedding. I really wanted to be able to do a good job as bridesmaid for my friend, and I knew if I was self conscious or worried about how I looked on the day it could distract me from doing whatever she needed. 

Arriving at the church!

So last week I was half a pound away from being back at goal. I had decided while it would be great to get that last half pound down this week, I was pretty happy with my progress and ready to focus on Joanne's day regardless of what the scales said on Friday morning. I had to weigh in a day earlier than usual as i was heading off early on Friday morning with the bride to start on the last minute prep. Weighing in a day early I was a little nervous, but in the end there was no reason to be as I hopped up on the scale and 10st7lbs flashed back at me! I had done it, back at goal in time for Joanne's big day. 

Waiting for the bride to arrive

I have to say it felt pretty great getting back to goal in time. I didn't feel like I was the 'fat' bridesmaid, in fact I didn't feel anything other than absolutely amazing. I adored my dress, make up and hair. The day was incredible from start to finish. It was so nice to be able to just enjoy the day and not worry that the dress felt tight (or that the zip may break at any moment). I didn't have to suck my tummy in or hide parts of my body from the photographer. I just focused on doing whatever it was that Joanne needed which was great and having fun with the 2 other stunning bridesmaids and all of Joannes family and friends. 

Me with the other 2 beautiful bridesmaids!

The bride was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen and her and her husband really did put on the best wedding ever. I have heard so many horror stories about both brides and bridesmaids falling out in the run up to a wedding, but Joanne made being bridesmaid the easiest job of all. It was an absolutely honour to be involved and I really would like to wish the happy couple all the best for the future. I hope they have nothing but years of happiness ahead of them! 

How beautiful is the bride!! 

So the wedding is now over and I do not want to lose motivation now. I seriously fed my hangover yesterday and I am sure I have gained a couple of pounds over the weekend but I am back on it today. I did a 9.65km run this morning and while I did a fair amount of relaxxing this afternoon I have got myself organised for the week. Meal plan & shopping done and hoping to do as much damage control as possible before my next weigh in Sunday. 

Full Irish - ?sp
Party Nibbles - ?sp
Fish & Chips - ?sp
Wedding Cake
Fulfil Bar - 6sp
Turkey Egg Sambo - 11sp
Pasta Bake - 10sp
Peanut Butter & Fruit - 3sp
Scrambled Eggs & Veggies - 5sp
Chicken, Roast Veg & Bulgar Wheat - 5sp
Parma Ham Wrapped Chicken - 12sp
Yoghurt & Fruit - 2 sp
Cheese Omelette - 6sp
Chicken, Roast Veg & Bulgar Wheat - 5sp
Yoghurt & Fruit - 2 sp
Scrambled Eggs & Veggies - 5sp
Chicken, Roast Veg & Bulgar Wheat - 5sp
Yoghurt & Fruit - 2 sp
Peanut Butter & Banana Porridge - 9sp
Chicken, Roast Veg & Bulgar Wheat - 5sp
Yoghurt & Fruit - 2 sp
Brunch with Friend

Turkey Burger & Chips - 13sp

Links for the recipes are in the meal plan! Here's to another good week!


  1. Zoe, you snd the wedding party look beautiful.
    Well done on getting to goal for the Wedding.

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  3. You look lovely in your bridesmaid dress x Have you seen the Hairy Bikers have a new book out in May just wondering if you will be doing the SPs for this one x